Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

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Monday, May 9, 2011

¡Mî primera dîa en Guatemala!

quick update...

i almost can´t believe how easy it has been so far. the flight was quick, no line for customs, and my ride was right outside the door to pick me up. yo tengo bueno suerte!

my family is of course AMAZING!! im staying with Flory (mî madre), Pablo (mî padre), Diego -15 (mî hermanito), y Maria -11 (mi hermanita). its so clear that the parents love each other so much. they are very very happy people, they just love to to laugh! they dont speak any english at all, which is certainly challenging, but they are both very patient me and willing to speak mas despacio (very slowly) por me. the house is great. i have my own room, a warm shower, and a tv that plays the same programming here just as clearly as it would in the states. of course its all in español. the little bit we have watched has pretty much only been the disney chanel. the whole city has cobblestone streets that seem to be walked on more than driven. the city is made up of a mix of colorful plaster houses, usually with an interesting door, and very old buildings, usually in ruins. the weather has been a little been so nice - a little hot during mid day, but perfectly wonderful in the late afternoon.

i had my first morning of spanish classes. the school is absolutely wonderful. the "classroom" is in a sort of atrium, with trees and plants and birds everywhere. my teacher is great (pero ella habla muy rapido). really, everyone working there is so nice. today we had a celebration for "dia de los madres". it was wonderful.
the food has been amazing so far- lots of verduras (vegetables), y tortillas, y servesas! muy delisiosa!

i feel sooooo HAPPY and COMFORTABLE here. the people are nice, the city is beautiful, and i know i am going to learn soooooo much!

i wont start working at casa jackson until next week, but im going on thursday to tour it with some other students from probigua!!
im leaving the internet cafe now to walk around el parque central to listen to music and watch the "procesiôn por dîa de los madres". ill post pics ASAP!!!

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  1. You're already speaking so much Spanish I can barely understand this post. Have fun! Be safe! Remember who you are!